The Dothraki Have No Word For 'Valentine'

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Greetings, camp Kotaku, and welcome to the evening open thread. Have you had an enjoyable Monday? We sure have. We've debuted a couple of our new programming blocks, and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. And hey, there's a third one coming up in 30 minutes!

In the meantime, here is a thread in which you can conversate. Assembled from around the internet, are a bunch of links and things from around the internet. A couple of them are for Valentines that you can print out!


And that's that. Have good open threading, and enjoy the evening.

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Today I turned 22.

It also snowed so much overnight that I couldn't make it to work, so I've had an unintentional day off on my birthday. It's been pretty cool. Played some 3DS (Mario Kart 7) and PS3 (Uncharted 3 and Kung Fu Rider), walked on the treadmill for two hours, been on and off of the computer and watched Dolphin Tale.

I was supposed to get Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Hot Shots Gold via UPS, but the road conditions delayed it to tomorrow. So far, college is still on for in the morning, but I have a feeling it will be cancelled come morning since conditions never did improve today.

Overall, it's been a pretty lax day and I've loved it since I don't see many of those much anymore.