The Dos and Don'ts of Cosplaying While Black

Unless you count the time I dressed up as Left 4 Dead’s Louis for Halloween a few years back, I’ve never really done cosplay. I just don’t have the inclination for it.


But if I did, I probably follow the handy guide provided by Break’s Ron Funches about who to dress up as. I don’t agree with all of his seals of approval but let’s just say that you’ll never see me with a gun for a hand like certain Final Fantasy characters mentioned above.

[Via Laughing Squid]



Why is every single article by this person always have to do with his "blackness"? Is there nothing else that defines him? It's kind of limited that everything revolves around the color of his skin. He needs to look passed this and embrace all facets of gaming/comics, or else he will be seen as being misguided by some ethnocentric agenda.

Ethnocentrism is idiotic and belittles humanity as a whole. Just putting that out there.