The Dorkly Weekly: So That's How Paperboy Got All Those Front Page Stories

What, the fact that a low-level newspaper employee constantly made it onto the front page never bothered you? Who is writing this newspaper?

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When my wife and I moved to Oregon without any friends or family to support or help us. We spent two months straight playing PaperBoy on our time-off, trying to outdo each others best scores. Somedays I'd come home from work, turn on paperboy only to see that she had beat my high-score by only 50 points. We had opposite schedules and competed in different games, but paperboy was so challenging that it only made sense to make it the true test of our skills. I think I was inspired because...

I worked for the Oregonian delivering the paper a few years after moving up there. I think I enjoyed it more than I should have. I was surprised that in just a couple months I had a knack for dropping the paper exactly where the customer wanted it...Left handed and all.

I did manage to break some sculptures and wake-up some neighbors in the middle of the night, chasing coyotes through peoples backyards. Getting chased by skunks, trying to take pictures of antelopes while trying to drive, loosing my phone in the snow. You can't beat working your own hours (Between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am), no traffic, no bosses...Just talk radio, a little weed, $1000 a month for just under 28 hours of work a month. Every once in a while I hope that a newspaper gig opens up on craigslist just so I could relive the old glory days. I tried taking my wife on a paper route once, she got so dizzy she puked on some papers and I had to drive her back home. I guess that means I have the ultimate high score...sighs*