The Dorkly Weekly: A Kakuna Named Pikachu

Last week we featured the premiere episode of Dorkly's Pokémon Rusty, a series that follows the adventures of a less-than-proficient Pokémon trainer. I questioned Rusty's choice of Kakuna as his starter Pokémon. This week he proves there's no problem you can't overcome by ripping a gaping hole in continuity.

Kakuna cannot do what he does in this video. Kakuna can't do much of anything, really, but Rusty doesn't know that. I hope he never finds out.

I hope he can breathe in there.

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I am still amazed that Pokemon has a large community of fans. The games are relatively fun, but once the pokemon roster got so huge, it felt like it alienated more casual fans. For example, I used to really like Pokemon (mostly the games). I knew all 150. Then it became 200, and I adapted. Then they added another generation and my patience wore thin. After that, I gave up (though age had something to do with it as well).