The Dopest Dishonored 2 Unconscious Body Party

Friends, I have been bested.

You might remember that I’ve made it my life goal to arrange unconscious bodies in stealth games so that it looks like they just got done having sick parties, and Dishonored 2 is the current canvas for my art.

Well, I got to be (arguably) the master of my craft for ONE WHOLE DAY. Because NamelessDreadx37x got in touch to show me his own sick Dishonored 2 party, and frankly, I wish I could’ve been there.

Everybody went to the party! Everybody in the whole dang palace level. Even the Duke and his body double. And a dog. And then they all played a game of what appears to be human dominoes, or maybe they tried to do one of those team-building trust exercises (important when you’re all guarding a palace together), but everybody was too sloshed to catch each other.


Regardless, this is beautiful. I hereby officially relinquish my party crown.

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I haven’t played this yet (I know, I know but I don’t have the money to get it at the moment) and I’m wondering if there are still rats in the city? And do they go after and eat the unconscious bodies when you leave them on the floor like in part 1?