The Division's Weather Makes The Viral Apocalypse Look Pretty

It was difficult to stand still long enough in The Division to record an hour of weather and lighting changes, but the lovely two and a half minute time-lapse of a day in virtual New York City was worth it.

I didn’t expect to play The Division last night. I certainly didn’t expect to be playing it again after a few hours of sleep, but I was compelled to explore a city I’ve grown familiar with over the past few years made slightly less so. I slipped into my headquarters around three in the morning, and it was mid-afternoon in the game’s NYC.


When I woke up and stepped outside, it looked like this:

I was so taken aback by the difference I decided to make a video detailing the changes in lighting and weather the city undergoes in a day, or about an hour or so game time.

I’ve been enjoying the combat, exploration and camaraderie I’ve experienced so far in the PC version of The Division, but my favorite bit by far is connecting to the game and then stepping outside to see what the weather’s like.


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