The Difference Between Pokemon And Monster Hunter

Pokémon and Monster Hunter are both wildly popular franchises. The games are often compared, and they do share things in common.

But there are differences, of course! The biggest difference between the two franchises is that in Pokémon, you capture monsters, while in Monster Hunter, you *kill* monsters and then *carve* parts out of their dead carcasses to make new equipment. See? Very different!


When asked if there'd ever be a Monster Hunter-style Pokémon game, Pokémon developer Junichi Matsuda replied, "I believe that even though there are some similarities between Pokémon and Monster Hunter, the games are very different. They're two entirely different worlds and the gameplay is very different. Our focus is making Pokémon role-playing games for portable game systems." And not games in which you can kill and cut up cute monsters.

Junichi Masuda & Takeshi Kawachimaru Talk 'Pokemon Platinum', Particle Physics, Bridges, And More! [G4tv] [Pic]

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