Too terrified of a little clicking to put your money down on Diablo III? Perhaps you can talk someone out of a Diablo III Guest Pass and gain access to the free Starter Edition, AKA the purgatory of the undecided.

Much like it did with StarCraft II, Blizzard is releasing a fancifully-named demo for its latest PC blockbuster. The Diablo III Starter Edition gives players access to the first chapter of the game up to the Skeleton King, limiting them to level 13 and keeping them out of the real money auction house until they spend some real money.

The Starter Edition also limits matchmaking to other folks that haven't paid, so more dedicated fans don't have to worry about grouping up with the poor folks.

Access to the Starter Edition is exclusive to Guest Pass recipients for the first 30 days following tomorrow's release, after which it becomes free for the friendless.


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