The Developers of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Discuss The Series' Reinvention

After we ran our "Yes" Gut Check for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, I noticed a lot of skepticism about the game. Is it really any good? It seems weird, and cold, and soulless.

Well, I've been playing off and on all week, and I'd just like to say that I personally am of a mind with "Michael Fahey, Fan of Air Combat in General." I like it a lot. In this developer diary-slash-advertisement, the team at Namco Bandai talks about reinventing the series to feel fresh, punchy, and relevant. I'm no die-hard Ace Combat fan, but even I have gathered that this game is a significant departure from what longtime players have come to expect.


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The vibe I keep getting is "Fuck you Ace Combat fans, you're not relevant anymore and neither are the games you like. We remade everything to be more contemporary so basically you can either get with the times or piss off."

If you saw a helicopter shooting a tank to protect some ground troops and then you say a giant flying ship in the sky getting assaulted by a group of fighters the latter woulds inspire more awe in you to the point your neck would cramp form looking up so much. The latter is simply more awesome. It just is.

We live in a day and age where doing benign things with a helicopter are more interesting then taking down giant flying battleships. To those people I say please stop sharing your thoughts because they are lame. Fighting a giant flying battle ships is ten thousand times more awesome than providing close air support to a bunch of marines. That doesn't mean the game can't have both nor does it mean both jobs aren't important in their own regards but if you don't like fighting giant flying battle ships and you prefer more bland and realistic goals you HAVE to admit you don't like awesome things.

We live in a world where a game sells better when it strips out that which is fantastic and awesome then when it had all that awesomeness to begin with. Does not anyone else see this as being overtly cynical and problematic? It's a fucking game, it doesn't need to make scenes and not every game needs to appeal to everyone on the planet at the same time.