The Death Of Print: January 2009 Edition

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No question that print media is dying. Only question is how long it'll hold out. In the interests of keeping tabs on things, then, let's take a look at Future Publishing's latest British circulation numbers.

With the demise of Ziff Davis' print empire in the US, Future are now top dog in the world of video game magazine publishing, so a look at Future's fortunes is as good a look as any if you're looking at determining the overall health of the business.


And going by the company's latest circulation figures, business isn't looking too great. Despite an increase in readership for some of the stable's PlayStation magazines, and a maintenance of Nintendo mag figures, all other mags - most notable among them Edge - are down.

* Edge - 31,304 to 28,898
* GamesMaster - 51,389 to 40,940
* OPM - 46,018 to 53,644
* PSW - 21,826 to 24,118
* ONM - 58,754 to 58,795
* OXM - 66,894 to 63,908
* Xbox World 360 - 31,698 to 31,030
* PSM3 - 26,885 to 26,202
* PC Gamer - 38,654 to 32,619
* PC Zone - 22,297 to 19,023

Most Future mags saw circulation drops last year [VG247]

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