To: Crecente From: Luke Re: Paternity Serious paternity time? I imagine there's no other kind. You know, when you don't have kids, it gets really hard to write these things. I mean, today, I woke up, played some Rock Band, wrote about video games, played some Fable II, wrote about video games, ate a great meat pie for lunch, wrote some more about video games then went to bed. Exciting! Here's what you missed while I was doing all that stuff! GTAIV DLC Announced: "Lost And Damned", Out In Feb 09 Research Says 46% Of Shoppers Looking To Buy A Console On Black Friday Please Don't Install Halo 3 On Your 360's HDD Let's Watch Every Single MK vs DC Fatality LittleBigPlanet Gets Resistance DLC To Celebrate...Thanksgiving "Exclusive" MGS4 "Limited" Edition PS3 Winds Up At Walmart For $399 Unofficial Half-Life Remake Looking Prettier By The Year PC Mirror's Edge Uses PhysX To Awesome Effect "Volatile" Holiday Market Partly To Blame For LittleBigPlanet Sales