The Darkness II Displays Some Vibrant, Comic-Book Color in Debut Gameplay Trailer

2K Games has released an initial, stand-alone gameplay trailer for The Darkness II, sequel to 2007's under-appreciated gem The Darkness. The title will pick up where the last left off, with mafioso protagonist Jackie Estacado wielding an assortment of grotesque powers, including the ability to summon impish "Darklings" and to pilot yucky, stretchy tentacles and tendrils.


The franchise has undergone a major artistic makeover, with a "unique graphic noir art style...using a hand-painted technique for cross hatching and coloring," effectively bringing it closer to achieving the look of the comic book series upon which it is based.

The title is scheduled to launch on October 4 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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Cel shaded graphics takes away all the edginess of this title...