Who needs guns in a video game when you can tame and command bears and saber-toothed tigers to kill for you? That’s what I’ve been doing in Far Cry Primal, though there’s something to be said for just stopping and petting these furry four-legged instruments of death.

I made a video of my favorite new sidekicks as I enlist them to be my murderous companions. Enjoy.

And for the video-impaired, here’s our cast of characters:

The Wolf

He’s good at killing and urinating!


The Dhole

Not very deadly, but good at grabbing collectibles.


The Jaguar

Our stealth assassin.


Cave Lion

Uninterested in petting.



He doesn’t look very bright, but is good at drawing enemy attacks.


Saber-Toothed Tiger

Best to keep well-fed.


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