The Cut-Scenes in Tales of the Abyss Sure Are Abysmal

I am quite enjoying Tales of the Abyss 3D, which publisher Namco Bandai released today for 3DS. It's an anime-styled Japanese role-playing game with action-ish combat and a world map packed with towns and dungeons. In other words, it's a Tales game.

I got the game yesterday, so I've only played around an hour or so, but I already have a minor complaint. While Abyss regularly features voice acting for all of its scenes, its optional cut-scenes are silent. Sometimes too silent. It's uncomfortable. (Especially during scenes that cut out the background music entirely.)


As I explain in the above video, this is particularly disconcerting when you compare it to Tales of Vesperia (the last Tales game I played), which featured full voice acting in all of its cut-scenes. They could at times be annoying, but at least they weren't silent.

I'll have more coverage on Tales of the Abyss in the coming days/weeks.

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