The Crowds, Oh My God the Crowds

The Tokyo Game Show is a crowded place. It's not so bad on the business days where the attendance is around 25,000 people. On the public days, the amount of people usually skyrockets to over 80,000. But today it hit an all time high at 95,000 people. You may have seen that many people at a concert or sporting event, but wading through a writhing mass of them is something completely different.


During the course of filming the above video, I was squeezed, punched, pushed, stepped on, body checked and otherwise groped as I moved through six of the show's eight halls (I skipped the merchandise area). If you look closely you can see all the major booths, cosplay ally, and numerous booth babes. In other words, this video shot on the floor today is the closest you can get to the Tokyo Game Show experience without enduring the physical punishment yourself.

(Video Music: gmz | ccMixter)

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Who recorded and edited this crap? You can't see shit. It's all jittery. Why the fuck do people make videos like this? Are you MTV Kotaku? I wanted to see what it was like at TGS, but aw well. I guess trying to look cool and hip and giving people a headache is more important to you.