The Creator of The Wire Says Buffy Was The Better Show

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Hello, Kotaku. Here again, an open thread with a focus: Last night was the Cos, tonight, it's Buffy vs. Omar!


David Simon, the man who created The Wire (aka The Official Best TV Show Ever Made), now has a blog. On that blog, he writes things. The other day, he wrote this:

To be clear: I don't think the Wire has all the right answers. It may not even ask the right questions. It is certainly not some flawless piece of narrative, and as many good arguments about real stuff can be made criticizing the drama as praising it. But yes, the people who made the Wire did so to stir actual shit. We thought some prolonged arguments about what kind of country we've built might be a good thing, and if such arguments and discussions ever happen, we will feel more vindicated in purpose than if someone makes an argument for why The Wire is the best show in years. ("Buffy," by the way, was the correct answer to that particular bracketfest.)

Well then! I mean, I really like Buffy—enough to make astoundingly accurate comparisons between it and Persona 3, but I don't know if I'd say that Buffy was really a better show than The Wire.

What do you think? Is David Simon just kidding? Was he really making a much larger and more complex point? (Yes.) What shows are better than The Wire? If you haven't seen The Wire, what is your glitch, anyway? Would you guys enjoy it if I went ahead and did some Firefly recaps?

Go ahead and talk about all of that stuff, or anything else you want. It's your open thread. I just work here.



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