The Creator of Mario and Zelda Reveals his Secrets (in 1999)

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In 1999, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto gave a keynote address at the Game Developers Conference. An address you can watch here in its entirety.


Remember, this isn't the quasi-executive, Wii Music Shigeru Miyamoto we know today. This is the designer at perhaps the height of his powers, with games like Super Mario 64 still fresh in people's minds.

The talk, which runs for around an hour, covers everything from the history of Nintendo to his ideas on game design. Or, at least how they stood in 1999. Which I'm sure some of you may prefer as opposed to how they stand today!


Shigeru Miyamoto 1999 [GDC, thanks Christine!]

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Platypus Man

"Remember, this isn't the quasi-executive, Wii Music Shigeru Miyamoto we know today."

I wish the best for Mr. Miyamoto, but he never should have been put in a position to make things like Wii Music. I know he's older now, but a hands-on perspective has always worked for him. It's like when they promoted Captain Kirk to Admiral and he hated it so much that he got himself demoted back to Captain.

Huh, I never noticed the parallels until now...