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The Creator Of Final Fantasy Tactics Wants To Make Another One

Illustration for article titled The Creator Of emFinal Fantasy Tactics/em Wants To Make Another One

Yasumi Matsuno is asking for $600,000 to make a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics, and if that sentence doesn't make you giddy, you haven't played Final Fantasy Tactics.


For those of us who have played the legendary strategy-RPG... Pause. Breathe in. This is actually happening. Matsuno, the creator of Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre, and of course Final Fantasy Tactics, one of the greatest video games ever created, just launched a Kickstarter with a studio called Playdek. They want a bunch of money to make Unsung Story, an RPG they're describing as a "spiritual successor in a storied line of epic tactical RPGs designed by Yasumi Matsuno."



Let's stay skeptical, because there's absolutely nothing here but promises and concept art. But Matsuno is one of the greatest minds in gaming, and the thought of another game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre just made me pull out my credit card, even if we might not see this thing for another year and a half.

Check out the Kickstarter for more details on the game. It sounds like everything you'd imagine a Matsuno game to be. Trying not to fall out of my chair.

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Brown Mims

Everyone who didn't like FFT:A2 Grimoire of the Rift is wrong.