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The Creator Of Final Fantasy Tactics Has A New Game

Illustration for article titled The Creator Of emFinal Fantasy Tactics/em Has A New Game

It's called Unsung Story, and it'll come to digital platforms at some point next year.


Yasumi Matsuno, he of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics fame, is helming the project with Playdek, a company built to bring tabletop games to digital platforms. So yes, this is a tabletop game, of sorts, just like Matsuno's last project, the lovely 3DS game Crimson Shroud.

Unsung Story is actually two games, according to Playdek. One is a card game; the other is a strategy game. From the press release:

The first property based on Matsuno's visionary world will be co-designed by renowned French board game designer Christophe Boelinger, which will be released in 2014. The game introduces the world of Rasfalia in an exciting digital card game played online. The game pits two players against each other in a fast-paced and engaging struggle. Featuring innovative new game play mechanics, the card game will appeal to a wide variety of players through the immersive, strategic game play Boelinger is known for.

Both games will be supported by Playdek's award-winning features and the company's new community, launching before the end of the year, and will offer online and offline play.


We don't know a lot about either project yet, but it's good to see Matsuno still doing his thing.

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"Unsung Story"

Surely it should be, Untold Story or Unsung Song?

/confused pendantry