That's not my opinion, mind you. That's what people online in Japan are saying.

This is Melonpan, a geek from Switzerland who has been amusing the internet for the past few years with his antics. Perhaps you're a fan. Or maybe you remember the time he jumped out of a plane with a hug pillow. Maybe not.

Melonpan's schtick is that he's as outrageous as they come—and he's pretty damn outrageous. He certainly is worthy of the honor (honor?) a 2ch blog recorded yesterday: "The Craziest Otaku in the World" (世界で一番クレイジーなオタク).


Online in Japan, the reaction varied from "Yup, he's a perv" to "He's a fashionable perv" and from "His life sure seems fun" to "The fuck."

Below, you can find some highlights of Melonpan's insanity:

世界で一番クレイジーなオタクwwwwwwwwwwww [ニュー速VIPブログ]

Photos: Melonpan's YouTube Channel and Melonpan's Flickr Page

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