The Craziest Feats Of Halo 4 Multiplayer Get Mythbusted

Do you ever wonder about really specific theoretical feats in Halo 4's multiplayer? Like, say, whether or not you can deflect an oddball with a gravity hammer, or trick an auto-sentry with a hologram?


Wonder no longer: The folks at Defendthehouse have got you covered with the first episode of Halo 4 Mythbusters.

This must've taken forever to make. Great show, guys.

(Thanks, Matt!)



Problems I have with Halo 4 multiplayer:

No traditional Slayer. Or Moshpit.

No Grifball matchmaking.

File share just not working at all.

No Swat.

People wanting to play Haven and Ragnarok EVERY TIME.

343 need to update the playlist soon 'cos shit is getting boring already.

I really like Dominion though.