The Crackdown 2 Team is in the House, What Do You Want to Know?

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With Crackdown 2 just months away, now might be a good time to get up to speed on everything about the upcoming open-world, building-leaping, mass destruction game. Good thing the team behind the title is on our podcast right now to take your calls.


We do have a last minute scheduling switcharoo. Now appearing for Crackdown 2 are game designers Dean Smith, Graham Wright and Sean Noonan. All three will be our special guests during our one-hour live audio podcast today. You can call in to Kotaku Talk Radio right now and ask these gentlemen all of your questions about Ruffian Games' July Xbox 360 follow-up to the open-world crime-fighting 2007 hit.

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can someome please ask why they got rid of the dynamic gang system (wherein you kill underlings and affect the loadout and gang numbers)?

Seems like they pretty much removed the core gameplay mechanic and just said: "look, a helicopter" and expected all to be forgiven