The Console Wars Become A Triumphant West Side Story-Style Musical

Boy, boy, crazy boy; get cool, boy! Something's coming, I don't know what it is, but it is gonna be great!


Not just lyrics from West Side Story; those could be the mottos of E3, come to think of it.

This outstanding tribute to the console wars by AVByte (via NeoGAF) breaks down the coming Microsoft vs. Sony conflict in the best way possible—via song and dance. The music and lyrics are by Antonius Nazareth, and the video was directed by Vijay Nazareth. Good show, guys.

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Yes, get rid of all the 255million consoles and 310million people playing them and see how badly the games industry flounders. You wouldn't get the AAA titles on PC without consoles. 445million games played on consoles. 33million played on PCs. With roughly 7% of games purchased on PC, the gaming industry would be in shambles without consoles.

So keep complaining all you want about console wars, PC ubermenches. Pretend that life would be better without consoles.