“Developed by Retro Games Ltd. and distributed by Koch Media, the THEA500 Mini features the perfect emulation of, not only, the original A500 (OCS) and Enhanced Chip Set (ECS) of future revisions, but also the Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) of the A1200,” reads the official announcement.

“The THEA500 Mini comes with the original style 2-button mouse and newly engineered 8-button precision gamepad, allowing you to choose your control method. To compliment the on-screen keyboard, you can plug in an external standard PC keyboard for additional functionality.”


When the Amiga 500 was released in 1987, it featured a 16/32-bit CPU, 512Kb of RAM and—for its time--could produce cutting edge sound and video. The Amiga has legions of fans, and it’s cool to see the legendary computer get a mini version.

The THEA500 Mini is price at $139.99 and will be out in early 2022.