Multiplayer matches around the world would provide a better experience for all of us if everyone just agreed to a few simple rules. Commandments, if you will.

Dorkly has gone ahead and drawn up comics for ten commandments for FPS multiplayer games, and they're pretty great. Like the one above, for example—because seriously, too many people think they're SUPER PRO SNIPERS. If only landing headshots wasn't so cool and gratifying, then this wouldn't be a problem. Or, alternatively, we could all agree to be realistic about things and stop trying to land the type of kills that look cool in a montage but probably don't contribute to the match at hand.

Here are a few more commandments—I'm sure you'll find they're on-point:


You can find out what the rest of the ten commandments are here.

Do you have any "commandments" you think other people should follow when playing online shooters? Make sure to share in the comments!