​The Closest Thing To Walking Through Westeros

Have you ever wanted to travel to Castle Black, climb the wall, and look out over the frozen north? You'll probably never be able to actually do that, but you do have options.

The latest video from the people at Virtuix demonstrates their Omni VR treadmill, which has users put on slidey-shoes and slip around on a plastic floor-plate while playing virtual reality games. We've seen the Omni used for lots of games, from Pokémon to Counter-Strike, but this time they're using it to explore WestrosCraft's version of Castle Black, remade in Minecraft.


I tried the Omni at E3 (though I didn't get to do this demo), and after each time I played it would tell me how many calories I'd burned. I wonder how many calories you'd burn walking from one end of Westeros to the other?

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