The Clips of E3: Day One

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Between trailers, teasers and gameplay footage, there's almost enough movie time here to warrant an entire evening's worth of popcorn.


My personal favorite of the day's clips is the LEGO Harry Potter teaser — but I'm a sucker for all things LEGO-related. A close second is the Ayane gameplay footage, followed by the Old Republic trailer. If you have no idea what I'm talking about because you missed all of this glorious, game-related cinema, go through the list below and start watching.

I'll just be at the store, buying more popcorn for tomorrow's night's E3 clip binge.


Crysis 2 Trailer Is Light On The Crysis 2
LEGO Harry Potter And The Teaser Trailer Of Doom
In the Interest of Time, A Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Clip
Old Republic Gets New Trailer
Watch Ayane Kick Some Ass
APB E3 Trailer Full Of Cops, Criminals
Halo: Reach Trailer Knows What You Know
Alan Wake Creeps Me Out
All You Need Is The Beatles: Rock Band Debut Trailer
Metal Gear Solid: Rising Teaser Trailer
Molyneux's Milo Brings a Virtual Child to the Xbox 360
See Microsoft's Project Natal In Action

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Isn't this "Day One" you speak of technically the pre-E3 stuff?