Ah yes, to be a nerd and in love. Instead of a pedestrian proposal, an individual known as TheRealPfhreak hacked Chrono Trigger to ask for his girlfriend's hand. There's a clip of the hack, and it's on the long side, so if your attention span is as short as ours, skip ahead to around the 6:20 mark for the money shot. Here's TheRealPfhreak:

On October 17th, 2008, I proposed to my (now) Fiance. Originally I wanted to retun to the site of our first date, Mount Baker, near Bellingham Washington. Sadly, there was no discrete way to get her out there. So I turned to the next best thing, digitally recreating the mountain! But why stop there? I figured I'd try and recreate many of our other favorite memories — stargazing, dancing, even her favorite song lyrics (from the Princess Bride). I'm a college student who is studying Computer Science, and I wanted to do something unique that used my talents, so I did some research on Rom hacking, as she was playing through Chrono Trigger.... When her name appeared on screen (blurred in this video), she glanced over to me (on one knee, with the ring out), wondering, "How did they get my name in this game?" When she saw the ring, she reread the proposal, nodded yes, and said, "You are such a huge nerd! I love this!" I spent a long time debating whether or not this proposal was awesome or incredibly stupid. Her friends, and my friends helped talk me into it, and it was a huge success!


Congrats! Word of advice: Leave the software Chrono consummation hacks out of your wedding night. I proposed by hacking Chrono Trigger [YouTube via Reddit via CrunchGear via Make via Gadgets Boing Boing]

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