There was a bit of confusion over the skilldeck feature of Chronicles of Spellborn when I posted my impressions of the game yesterday from the Games Convention in Leipzig, so I contacted the game creators to procure a few shots of the deck in order to better explain how it works. As you can now see, there are five rows, which you can fill with six different skills each. You select the row you want active using the 1 through 5 keys, and then left clicking (ideally in most cases with an opponent targeted) activates the current numbered skill, rotating the bar to ready the next. It's up to you to fill the slots with skills that compliment each other, creating powerful skill combinations. As an example, the warrior I played had one of the slots filled with ranged attacks, so I selected that slot, targeted an enemy spellcaster, and left clicked through the powers to take him out. When the melee classes got in range I would select my main melee slot, target the closer enemies, and cycle through those powers until they died horribly.In your more standard MMO, everyone winds up with a combination of powers they use on a regular basis. The Chronicles of Spellborn is set to have a great deal more powers than average, so the skilldeck is an elegant solution to organizing them and using them effectively. Looking forward to fooling around with the feature more as soon as I get the chance.