The Cherry Blossoms Are Coming!

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Soon where I live in Osaka, Japan will be bathed in cherry blossoms. The plum blossoms are blooming, but the cherry blossoms haven't quite started yet.


The cherry blossoms bloom at differnet times in different parts of the country. I was talking to a fellow ex-pat the other day who said this is his favorite time of the year. I agree—it's pretty great.

When they are in full bloom, people pack lunches and bring booze and have pinics under the cherry blossoms. It's incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, and I can't wait for hanami—or cherry blossom viewing.


The above photo was taken at a public park quite a long way from where I live. Nice place.

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There's a tree here which looks like Cherry Blossom, only not that pinkish, more white. It smells of a certain bodily fluid. It's vile.