Many offices in Japan have helmets in case of natural disasters. But helmets might be stored in inconvenient locations. That's why some Japanese designers have created a new helmet that can be kept in an easy to find spot: Under your butt.

Dubbed "Mamoris" ("mamoru" or 守る means "to protect" in Japanese), this emergency helmet is actually part of chair's backrest. When not in use, it serves as a seat. Clever!

But once disconnected by simply turning the lock, it's a helmet with a neck and back cover. Like so:


Mamoris, which seems ideal for offices and schools, aims to go into production sometime this year. Neat concept, but when attached to the chair, the helmets look like they're for crapping.

They're not, though. They're for protecting!

Mamoris [Official Site via Pouch]

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