The Case of the Foul-Smelling PS Vita Case

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Those pretty plastic peripherals can be painfully pungent, as commenter Hongo found out after his recent purchase of a place to keep his PS Vita. It's Stink Up on Kotaku!


Never before have I bought an item that stunk.

Ok, a few of them, but I'm talking about literally smelling of some foul odor.

Enter the Hori PS Vita Hard Case. Fantastic looking case and it lives up to its name, but it has a foul odor. It's, to me anyway, like a combination of cigarettes and something minty. Or maybe an old house with a musty smell. Not entirely sure.

I've been researching and reading about others who have bought this same case and they too have mentioned the foul odor. It must be the plastic, but I just can't see it being that. I own the 3DS hard case, (also made by) Hori (with) the same materials, and it has no odor whatsoever.

Now I'm reluctant to put my Vita in a smelly case for the fear that it will result in a smelly Vita.

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This is the one i got because i like simple cases. my psp came with something similar, so i was looking for the same thing when i got the vita - thankfully sony put something out that was similar but better.

hopefully club nintendo offers a 3ds case thats like this zipper case they offered for the ds lite.


that thing is awesome.