The Bug Pokémon Snom Is Actually Incredibly Violent

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Snom, a precious Bug/Ice type Pokémon that’s new to the series with Sword and Shield, appears unassuming at first glance. At least until you see the Twitter account dedicated to exposing his inner thoughts.


I have a soft spot for bug type Pokémon. They fit naturally into the series’ themes of evolution, and they manage to transform a creepy creature into something much cuter. Snom is the best example of that kind of Pokémon logic: it evolves from a tiny little blob into a majestic moth-like creature. According to its Poké Dex entry, it eats snow and disguises itself as an icicle as it sleeps. What a cutie!

According to Snomposting, a Twitter account that tweets in first person from the perspective of a Snom, this tiny creature is much more aggressive than one would think.


This Snom also has an intense hatred of green Bug type Pokémon.

Snom, it appears, is an elitist when it comes to bugs. The correct parameters for a bug are to be as Snom-like as possible.


It’s shitposting, but from the mouth of Snom. He’s going to commit arson and then break out of jail.


Snom also only follows four people on Twitter. One of them is Lil Nas X. One day I hope to be as powerful as Snom.

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I love snom. I dropped everything to get a well statted snom and evolve it into frosmoth when i discovered it. I also have a weakness for the bug types. I intend to make a full bug team once i beat the game, to live out my bug gym master fantasy for the first time.

Frosmoth, Galvantula, Centiscorch, Escavlier, Golisopod, and Ribombe. Yes the party is very weak to flying, fire, and rock, but thats not the point of being a gym leader!