The British Library, Preserving Books And...Video Games?

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The British Library, which catalogues every book published in the UK for posterity's sake, is keen to start keeping copies of old video games, too.


"The games publishing industry recognizes the value in preserving their computer games and many in the industry that I've talked to could relay horror stories about old material disappearing or being left to gradually decay in a box under someones desk", the British Library's digital preservation specialist Paul Wheatley told Gamasutra.

It's a great idea. Many of the world's best games have come from the British Isles, from Attack of the Mutant Camels to Grand Theft Auto IV, so preserving them in the case of digital (or otherwise) catastrophe would be in the best interests of all of us.


There's a similar project in the US, albeit one smaller in scale.

British Library Considers Archiving Video Games [Gamasutra]

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That's pretty cool, I do think it's important to stash away a few

gems from the past to look back on.

In the last few years I've been organizing all my games into a one

location collection. Of course I ended up putting a bunch of old

games from the PS2 and PS1 days up on Goozex because I bought them

when I was a kid without good taste, a kind of purification of my

collection. Then used the Goozex points to track down classics I

hadn't played like Beyond Good and Evil, Vagrant Story, Okage

Shadow King, Eternal Darkness, Divine Divinity, Xenogears, Shine

Megami Tensei Noctourne and Planescape Torment.