The Brink Character Customization Video That Almost Wasn't

Bethesda passed me a package containing a pair of posters and this character customization trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter, Brink. Now that I realize the video exists, I shall share it with you, along with the story of how I nearly missed it.

The package consisted of a long, skinny box, packed with foam. Nestled within the foam was a clear plastic cylinder, containing the posters you see below, lovingly affixed to my office wall with shiny gold thumbtacks, which should please my apartment management to no end. Posters are interesting, and we thought that was the entire package. In fact, I turned the box upside down to make sure nothing else was inside, a method for determining the emptiness of something that turns out to be not as foolproof as I had hoped.


A post on the Bethesda Blog caused me to return to the package, inside of which I found a credit card-sized USB hard disk, desperately clinging to the inside surface of the box within its anti-static bag.

My problem was that I had torn the end off of the box, as I tend to do, rather than opening it the way the box manufacturing god had intended. Had I done it correctly, I would have seen this:

It basically says that there is a flash drive inside the package, and I should see it unless I am some cardboard savaging barbarian.



Anyway, here we are, and here are the posters that came with the video. Enjoy! I'm off to toss around luggage like a gorilla.


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