The Braid of First-Person Shooters Is Totally Free

Indie developers can be just the best. Like, for instance, when Piotr Iwanicki and and Blue Brick crew (not a '70s funk band, by the way) made Superhot in a 7 Day FPS Challenge, then refined it a bit, and then posted it online for free. And it's brilliant.


Kotaku AU describes Superhot as "like Braid with guns," but that only tells part of the story. Perspective matters. Because this game is in first-person, it carries with it the presumptions of the first-person genres. Then, it flips those conventions into something more like a strategy game by causing time to only move as you move. A couple of well-placed enemies and pistols later and the product is a succinct, thoughtful blast.

And, lest we forget, this thing is free! Using a Unity web engine, anyone can start cranking away at the faceless enemies in seconds. Click here for the link. That kind of convenience goes a long way.

If you'd like to support a fuller version of Superhot for Steam, check out its Steam Greenlight page.



As one of the three or so people left in America who DON'T enjoy FPS, I have to say this one intrigues me, and from the person who found Halo, CoD and Goldeneye uninteresting, that alone is a huge note in its favor.