The Boob Panic Button

You want boobs? Upcoming PSP game Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos has boobs. You don't want others to see you want boobs? Fret not, this game has you covered. Literally.

The Namco Bandai game, out later this month, features highly suggestive cutscenes — the game is rated 17 years-old-and-up, but nudity free. If players are watching said cutscenes in more refined company, it's possible to swap out the boob-heavy scene for a much more innocuous 8-bit image by pressing "Start" and "Select" on the PSP at the same time.


Queen's Blade is originally a Lost Worlds style "combat picture book game" and has been published in Japan for the last couple of years.

Queen's Blade features only female characters, and its spin-off series Queen's Gate has showcased the likes of Iroha (Samurai Shodow), Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters) and Dizzy (Guilty Gear). Queen's Blade has also been spun off into an anime in Japan.

Watch the game's official trailer here.

Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos Has Boob Covering Panic Button [Siliconera]

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