The Blood Bowl Trailer Is Epic

Enough with the teasing! Cyanide and Games Workshop are done showing off individual teams and ready to show off Blood Bowl in all its fury and splendor in this official trailer.

Rounding out a week filled with Blood Bowl team teases, Cyanide finally releases the full trailer for their video game adaptation of the classic Games Workshop fantasy football strategy board game Blood Bowl, and it looks simply glorious. Being able to customize your team and then play through an entire season either in the traditional turn-based strategy mode or in real time really elevates Blood Bowl from niche board game to something everyone can play.


I'd say I have incredibly high hopes for this game, but I don't want to jinx it, so I'll just toss out a "meh" to confuse the fates a little bit.



I don't see any blood...

But hey, it's the first innovation of the genre, ever!