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The Biggest Transformers Battle In Titans Return Next Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The partnership between Hasbro and Machinima that gave us last year’s Transformers: Combiner Wars series bears new fruit next week, when Titans Returns brings some of the largest disguised robots in the toy box out to play.

Debuting on November 14 in the U.S on Verizon’s go90 network (and Tumblr nearly everywhere else), Titans Return represents the second leg of the Prime Trilogy, a trio of animated series that ties in with Hasbro’s adult-leaning toy line. This time around Machinima and Hasbro have bolstered the ranks of their YouTuber voice cast with some heavy-hitters from Transformers’ history, including original Optimus Prime Peter Cullen and Judd Nelson reprising his role as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime.

Last year’s Combiner Wars was pretty brutal. Maybe this time Starscream will stay dead.


Just kidding, Starscream never dies.