Best part? It's called Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo. Fitting, because today saw mega lines.

The opening in Tokyo's Ikebukuro saw a slew of limited edition goods, like a plush toy Pikachu dressed as Charizard. There were also little figurine versions. These were only slated to go on sale from today until Sunday, making them rare collectibles.


Many Twitter users reported an hour to two hour wait just to get into the store to shop. It looks like the vast majority of people in attendance were adults.

Here's a look inside. Note that many of these pics were taken before the crowds descended.

[Photo: manchan1988]

[Photo: hinopika]

[Photo: acho_2525]

[Photo: sgs109com]

[Photo: sino1759]

[Photo: sgs109com]

[Photo: LAKU231]

Wow. That's cool. Let's get a closer look.

[Photo: kanon_pokelove]

[Photo: any0t0g]

And here are some of the items on sale, including the limited-time only exclusives.

[Photo: sgs109com]

[Photo: Kai-You]

[Photo: ce55_sky]

[Photo: TAchanp]

And the folks who lined up to purchase these goodies.

[Photo: usg_m_tiyo]

[Photo: massu10_10]

[Photo: hosino_a_taku]

[Photo: bururest]

[Photo: rapismile]

[Photo: aoi_kkkm]

[Photo: d_chan_1010]

[Photo: kosaku_13]

[Photo: yuki08]

[Photo hinopika]

[Photo: micaiahX2satori]

Of course, a couple saw this kind of thing happening, too. Not surprising!

[Photo: holy_horimaru]

[Photo: kaosu2525]

The Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is located in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City. As of right now, the line to get in is still apparently an hour to an hour and a half long.

[Photo: FT_0415]

[Photo: yukichi0]

Top photo: yamaguchi_miran

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