We've all noticed that Achievements, Trophies and other game-specific accomplishments don't mean squat in the real world, right? You can't go to your local video game store and say, "Hey, I've Platinum-ed in Uncharted 3; can I get a copy of Starhawk, please?"

They'd laugh at you.

But, a new program from gaming social network Raptr wants to give players actual useful things—early beta access, fancy accessories, full game releases—for doing what you do every day. The Raptr Rewards program popped into beta today, revealing the games and gear players can win by racking up achievements and playtime on their consoles and PCs. This is no rinky-dink affair, either as they're giving away 350,000 items valuing more than $1 million dollars. You can get a look at the initial offering here.


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