Lois Lane has other stuff to do. And, honestly, Superman should be fighting Brainiac or something, right? Cartoonist Kate Beaton has a point. Lots of them, actually.

Kate Beaton’s been making people laugh on the internet for years now with her Hark! A Vagrant webcomic. In the new Step Aside, Pops! collection, readers can experience Beaton’s appeal in one big dose, full of cartoons suffused with whimsy yet still capable of delivering cutting sarcasm.

Her strips offer a range of satirical and comedic interpretations of everything from Victorian literature and history, superhero comics logic and Nancy Drew books. Beaton’s linework and visual style is remarkably supple and changeable, capable of looking energetic and meticulously composed. Though Beaton’s work is easily discoverable and widely available on the web, Step Aside, Pops! is a great way to introduce her humor to people.


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