The Best Thing About Lego Bastion Is Taking Him Apart Again

Imagine the warm wave of catharsis washing over you as you spend your post-match taking apart Piggy Brother’s fantastic Lego rendition of Overwatch’s Bastion brick-by-brick. Ah yes, feels good.

As adorable and endearing as Blizzard wants Bastion to come across, there’s no denying that seeing the military grade robot murder machine and his little bird friend showcased at the end of every round gets frustrating. I bet even Bastion players get tired of seeing their name pop up after awhile.

The bird tells him to kill.

Piggy Brother (via The Brothers Brick) has managed to capture Bastion perfectly in this amazing build. The color blocking is fantastic. The eye is brilliantly done, conveying that imaginary smugness to a tee.

Yes, this is a shot of Bastion’s crotch.

Wonderful little details really make the killer robot, like the pistons at Bastion’s waist and the gear-looking bits on the hands.


The bird is a pretty basic tiny Lego avian, but it fits.

Of course it wouldn’t be Bastion if he were just a cute walking robot. Piggy Brother’s build also transforms into molten death mode.

Many of the last things Overwatch players see.

Okay, everybody calm down. Here’s some nice, relaxing Genji. It’s all going to be okay.


Check out Piggy Brother’s Flickr stream for more shots of break-apart Bastion.


Oh shut up, Bastion. No one wants to hear it.

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