The Best Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Case Mod We've Ever Seen

The last Team Fortress 2 themed PC case mod we featured, one built to look like the Engineer's sentry gun, was as ludicrous as it was impressive. Hardware modder extraordinaire Ton "TiTON" Khodee has done it again, slipping the guts of a highly capable PC into a case that apes the Engie's dispenser. It's adorable.


Sure, having this kind of stuff sitting around your house might frighten the majority of visitors, but with the mounds of internet glory that await its creator, being shunned by your peers is a small price to pay. Bit-Tech has an extensive walk-through on the dispenser's creation, something we definitely recommend giving some eyeball time.

Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod [Bit-Tech]

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