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The Best Super Mario Maker Levels (So Far)

Super Mario Maker is largely in the hands of reviewers, entertainers, and YouTubers right now—but even so, we’re already starting to see some fantastic user-created levels.


I recorded myself playing through a few favorites, including:

  • A level where mushrooms are your worst enemy.
  • A bullet hell level.
  • A roller coaster.
  • A level with a goomba army.
  • A hellish level that recreates the feel of Flappy Bird.

You can watch all of those in the video above. Outside of that collection, other players have found or created some excellent levels, too. Here’s one really elaborate level showcased by Pixelkabinett which takes heavy inspiration from Metroid. Basically, the level is huge, but you can’t actually progress within it in a straightforward way. You gotta explore and find power-ups that will allow you to make more progress in different areas of the level, a design choice that is ingenious. If only the creator let you play with the Samus costume, then this would be perfect!

And finally, you gotta check out this level showcased by MidwestProfessor—it takes scoring into account by asking the player to “bowl.”

I can’t wait to see what people come up with once Mario Maker is actually released. I have a feeling that user-created levels are gonna get wild.

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Kuili J8i9

I’d prefer to see legitimate, well thought out and balanced levels akin to mario expansion levels than creative hell levels. I mean, there’s room for both but I know we’ll definitely have a heck of a lot less legitimate levels and a lot more lulzzzzz this is so hardzzz levels.

With that being said, now that this is obviously going to be successful...Nintendo, give us a Donkey Kong Country Maker game and feel free to skip on the ugly 3D-2D graphic nonsense (or at least include it in addition to the SNES graphics). Or will they make Mario 3D Maker next? Oh the possibilities of disapointing inaction are endless now!