The Best Skyrim: Dawnguard Videos I've Found So Far

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Skyrim's first piece of DLC came out yesterday, and with it came a deluge of cool new videos to show off all of the cool new content.


I'm still powering my way through Dawnguard, which Bethesda is calling an expansion pack. My review will be up Friday morning, so until then, check out some of these vids I found on YouTube that show off all of the new features in the DLC, which is available on Xbox 360 for $20.

(Spoilers for Dawnguard content follow.)

A Day In The Life Of A Vampire Lord

Complete with crazy new mount and other special Vampire-related powers.

The Twin Dragons, Voslaarum & Naaslaarum

Dragon twins? Dragon twins.

Dragonbone Weapons and How To Start Dawnguard Quest

Dragonbone weapons? Dragonbone weapons.

New Enemy: DeathHound

Death Hounds? Death Hounds.

Dawnguard - New Enemy: Gargoyles

In Dawnguard, Gargoyles start off as stone statues and then suddenly morph into nasty flying creatures. They also come in tougher classes, like the Gargoyle Brute.

Auriel's Bow

A first look at one of the game's daedric MacGuffins.

How To Get Your Hands On A Flaming Horse

It's in the Soul Cairn, which is very purple. In fact, it's one of the most purple areas in all of Skyrim. Maybe even the purplest.


How To Choose Becoming Vampire Or Dawnguard

Fairly early into Dawnguard, you get to decide whether or not to become a vampire. Here's how that goes.


How To Get An Armored Troll Follower

Yes, you can get your own armored troll. (Dawnguard only.)



So it's been a few months since I've played or paid attention to Skyrim as I had the shitty PS3 version that I traded in and am now holding out for the Steam Summer Sale. Is the Dawnguard pretty much a vampire hunter? I'd be all over that, name my character Simon Belmont and go ruin Dracula's day.