Look closely, and you may just notice that separate Pok√©mon card backgrounds actually come together to form a single picture‚ÄĒor even better, tell us an awesome story.

The three cards above, for example? Those are the legendary dogs from the "Neo Revelation" trading card expansion, Suicune, Raikou and Entei. If viewed separately, you might have no idea that they're actually forming this image:

(Via wallpapervortex)

Neat, right? These aren't the only cards with backgrounds like this. You may also remember the touching story of Tepig and its family, which we wrote about last year:


These cards, which are a part of the EX Battle Boost set, let us see Tepig grow old with its family. How sweet!

Here are a few more.

Natus, saved from the terrors of winter by Bouffalant:


(via PokeBeach)

Trubbish, saved from...well, trash by Phione and Empoleon:


(via pkmncollectors)

Minun and Plusle, having fun


(via icedteajunkie)

Mew, Pigeot and Onyx, flying:


Charmeleon being a jerk to Swablu:

Skarmony, Lugia and Ho-oh, hanging out:


Do you have any favorite Pokémon cards that combine in good ways? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos: icedteajunkie, PokeBeach, pkmncollectors)