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Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, where I round up all of this week's best content.

Just remember, Mario was the first. The above image is courtesy of The Coolsumist. I'm officially on vacation for about a week and a half! Woo! I'll see you guys on the other end of next week.


Now let's move on to reading this week's best content, courtesy of us.

Everything I Know About Bungie's Next First-Person Shooter, Destiny

Tina Amini (me!) flies to Seattle to learn all about Bungie's first post-Halo project. More »

Nine More Surprising Hours With Assassin's Creed III

Stephen Totilo reconsiders his time with ACIII after reviewing it for us. More »

The Case Of The Disappearing Kickstarter


Jason Schreier tells us about the Kickstarter that earned $10,000 but then just disappeared. More »

Crysis 3: The Kotaku Review


Kirk Hamilton was let down by Crysis 3, especially by comparison to Crysis 2. More »

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: The Kotaku Review


Evan Narcisse enjoys the swift slicing movements in this Metal Gear game. More »

Thanks for All The Memes, PS3!


Brian Ashcraft reminisces about all the memes we got thanks to the PlayStation 3. More »

What's Most Impressive About Nvidia's New $1,000 Graphics Card? How It Sounds.


Mike Fahey checks out Nvidia's latest graphics card, the Kepler-based GeForce GTX Titan. More »

Let's Look At What Sony's Past Console Reveals Could Say About Tomorrow's PS4 Reveal


András Neltz takes a look back at Sony's reveals of the PS3, PS2 and PS1 to estimate what they might reveal for the PS4. More »

Let's Rank The Civilization Games, Best To Worst


Luke Plunkett rates his favorite and least favorite Civ games. More »

There's No Shame In Liking A Game For Your Own Reasons (No Matter How "Stupid")


Patricia Hernandez enjoys games beyond what they were made for. More »

A Tribute To Fire Emblem's Most Gloriously Overpowered Character


Kirk makes all his other Fire Emblem characters jealous. More »

Apologies If We Wasted Your Time With That Preview


Stephen shares his thoughts on video game previews. More »

This Is How We Get More Black People In Video Games


Evan Narcisse commemorates Black History Month with an article discussing the serious lack of diversity in video game characters, and some possible remedies. More »

Source: The PS4 Will Be Out This November, And You'll Be Able To Control It With Your Phone


Jason shares a ton of new PS4 info for us, the night before Sony's big, official reveal. More »

Some Tips For Playing Metal Gear Rising, Since It Does A Terrible Job Of Explaining Anything To You


Evan shares some tips on playing the latest Metal Gear, since the game itself does a terrible job of explaining things to you. More »

Yes, I am an Anti-Aquaman Bigot


Owen Good is not a fan of Aquaman. More »

Sony Will Announce The PlayStation 4 Tonight. Here's Everything We Know So Far.


Jason rounds up everything we know about the PlayStation 4, just hours away from the official reveal. More »

Everything We Know About The PS4, Out This Holiday Season, And The Games Announced Tonight


Jason tells us all about the new PlayStation, officially revealed during Sony's big conference. More »

The Best, And Worst, Of Sony's Big PlayStation 4 Reveal


Luke lists out the best and worst of Sony's big reveal. More »


Sony's Wildest Plans For The PS4: How Likely Are They?

Jason sizes up how likely Sony's cloud gaming and other online plans for the PS4 are. More »


Why Your Board Game Collection Needs Some German-Style Games


Quintin Smith has five German-style board games suggestions to spice up your collection. More »

The Rise and Fall of SuperDaE, A Most Unusual Video Game Hacker


Stephen tells us the fascinating story of the infamous hacker SuperDaE. More »



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