Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, where I round up all of this week's best content.

Up top, the first and last issues ever of Nintendo Power, which, sadly, will not be publishing any more issues. At least they went out on a classy note.

Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

The Best Comment From The Community

Our favorite comment of this week comes to you from SuperBrother, who approaches a much-discussed article about cheating and Diablo III with compassion and thoughtfulness:

I usually don't go out of my way to defend self professed cheaters but it doesn't seem like a lot of commenters are looking at his from a more critical perspective. Looks like most folks saw the bit about cheating and just decided to lambast her for it. It seems pretty clear that she was getting much, if any emotional fulfillment out of the relationship. Is it that inconceivable that she'd look elsewhere? It's not like they didn't try to fix what they had but regardless, it didn't help.

You can't help the way you feel about a person and if the person you're with is clearly wrong for you or, despite efforts otherwise, things aren't working out, it doesn't seem unreasonable to look for or find someone else. To clarify, I don't usually support cheating but I've seen more than a handful of relationships where it actually seems understandable. Even more rare, would be where cheating is the best option. This doesn't fall under the later but I can see the former.


Style points, too, to SpaceshipForAnts for having a similar, longer response.

Okay, on to some articles!

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