Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, where I round up all of this week's best content.

First up is the image above, a mesh of Portal's Chell and Norman Rockwell's depiction of Rosie the Riveter, an icon of the female factory workers that rose from the absence of their husbands in World War II. An interesting perspective, brought to you by Jesse Rubenfeld.

Unfortunately the print is no longer available on the Etsy store where it was being sold. Thanks to Sucker Punch for the find. Be sure to click here to get the full effect.

Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

If you want to see the list of nominations (and other random conversations) you can head to my most recent nomination post that goes up every Friday here.


The Best Comment From The Community

This week's best comment comes to you from our very own Paradox me for a funny prediction for the future:

*10 years later*

-Real fans only want a Party Wave VII remake. If Mistwalker isn't gonna do that they might as well not even exist!

-Party Wave XIII killed the series!

-No, Party Wave died when they made it into some crap MMO.

-Party Wave hasn't been good since VI. You kiddies today just don't understand.

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